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Installation instruction for the USB driver

bullet marker1. Dowload the latest driver file

Simply click here to download the latest driver file and save it to your local computer somewhere you can easily access it. (CDTEL_driver_setup.exe)

bullet marker2. Double click on this icon

bullet marker3. Choose your installation folder

Here you can choose the place where you want to put the installation files (default setting is perfect) then click Next.

bullet marker4. Choose a short-cut start menu location

Choose where you want to put the shortcut in the start menu then click Install

bullet marker5. Wait for the installation to finish

bullet marker6. Just to be on the safe side please reboot your machine.

bullet marker7. First time plugging the device will take more time since the driver will initialized.

bullet marker8. Once the driver is installed the device will start to try to do the synchronization with the server.

Once this is done you will have a Solid Green light on the device.