Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my device in the mail, what do I do now?
It will just take a few minutes to setup your account, please see the How To page for detailed instructions and a diagram.
How does ComparAction work?
Simply plug your phone into our device, then plug the device into your router or directly into your computer and start talking and saving. See the How To page for detailed instructions and a diagram.
Do you have a printer friendly list of features and services?
Absolutely. Click here to download a printer friendly version of features and services with an easy-to-follow guide on how to use them
Can I use my device when I travel or when I leave my home?
As long as your device can access high speed internet and you have access to a phone, then you can continue to use your device. Please note that you need to connect the device to the internet via a direct connection (wire or plugged into a computer), as it will not work with a wireless internet connection by itself.
Can I keep my existing number?
Yes, for most customers. Upon enrollment please express your desire to keep your existing number with one of our friendly agents and they will be happy to walk you through the process.
How does 911(emergency calls) work?
Enhanced 911 functions like regular 911 with an added safety feature. In case of an emergency, it automatically sends vital information such as your name, address and geographical location to responders even if you are unable to speak.
How much does it cost to call someone long distance?
Depending on the plan that you signed up for, your long distance calls could be free. Please see your plan details for your actual price.
Can I really make free calls?
Yes! All calls between ComparAction users are free. Local calls are free and depending on your plan, Canada-US or even overseas calls can be free. Visit the plan details section for more information.
Are there restrictions on where and who I can call?
No, just like your traditional telephone company, you can call to anywhere and anyone on the planet. However, there are some use conditions. Please see our Reasonable Use Policy for important details on your selected calling plan. The exception for all calling plans is our ComparAction to ComparAction calling benefit. No matter where you are in the world, all ComparAction users can call each other for free regardless of their plan type.
Who can call me?
Anyone who has your phone number. If you wish not to receive calls from specific numbers, we also have a feature that allows you to block these undesirable phone numbers. See call blocking under the features section for more details.
How can I manage and setup my account?
We are always here to help, but you can also use our self managed system at your convenience. Simply login to MyAccount and follow the on screen prompts.
Do I need a computer to use ComparAction?
There’s no need for a computer to use this service as your account comes already set up. All you need is an internet connection and router. If you do not have a router, then you will need a computer with an internet connection.
What is a router?
A router is a device that allows you to connect multiple computers or other devices to a single internet connection (modem).
Do I need internet access to use ComparAction?
Yes, High speed internet is required.
I don’t have internet access; can you provide me with that?
Unfortunately we do not offer that service.
Can I use a DSL internet connection?
Yes, however you will need to contact your current internet carrier to ask for a stand alone internet connection (also called a “dry loop”); they will know what you’re talking about when you contact them.
Can I use a cable internet connection?
Yes and no additional configuration is needed.
Can I use a fiber internet connection?
Yes and no additional configuration is needed.
Can I use a Dial Up connection?
Unfortunately you cannot. You will need a high speed connection.
Can I use a wireless connection?
The device itself will not work with a wireless connection. However, if your computer gets access to the internet via a wireless connection and your device is plugged into the computer, then yes it will work. Please note that quality of the call will depend on your wireless signal. Therefore, if you have a poor wireless internet connection you may experience issues while calling.
I have an alarm system, can I use ComparAction with it?
You will need to verify with your home security company as to the requirements for your alarm system to determine whether ComparAction will be compatible, as each alarm system has its own policies and procedures.
Is this a VOIP phone?
Yes, this is a “Voice Over IP” phone system that will use your existing internet connection to help you save on your local, long distance and even worldwide phone calls.
Do I need a special phone to use with ComparAction?
No, any touch tone phone will work with this device, even cordless phones. If you have multiple phones in the house, ideally you will need to have cordless phones tied to one base.
What happens if there is a power failure?
Depending on how your device is connected to the internet you may or may not lose the ability to make calls. If you connected the device directly to a computer that can run on batteries and you still can get internet access, then you can continue to make calls. If you connect the device directly to your router, then the device will not work. Keep in mind if you have access to an alternative power source and you can get internet access, then you can continue to make calls. Note: If you currently use cordless phone(s) at home, even with a traditional home phone service, you will lose the ability to make calls as these phones need electricity to function.
Will my fax machine still work?
Yes, just simply plug your fax into ComparAction instead of the wall mounted plug.
What features or options do I get with ComparAction?
For a complete listing of all our features and benefits, please see our features section. With ComparAction you get all same features as your traditional phone company offers you and more all for free. Explore our features section to see everything that it offers.
Will ComparAction work with a toll free number?
Yes, simply transfer over your termination number and you are all set.
Can I connect multiple handsets to 1 device?
Yes. You will need a base (plugged to the device) with multiple handsets or a phone line splitter plugged into the phone port of the device.
Can multiple ComparAction devices share the same phone number?
No, as each device is unique and for security reasons we only allow one number per device.
What should I do if I have a question or an issue?
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer all your questions, but before calling, we suggest that you check out this FAQ section as the most common questions will be answered here. If you still need help please call 1-866-631-2894 M-F 9AM-8PM (ET) and Saturdays from 9AM-5PM (ET).
What is the CCTS?
The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) is an independent agency with a mandate to receive, to facilitate the resolution of, and, if necessary, resolve eligible consumer and small business complaints relating to certain retail telecommunications services. The CCTS only deals with telecommunications services that are not regulated by the CRTC (forborne).